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Bela hadid lyme disease stricken, we wish a speedy recovery

pengobatan jelly gamat ,- Another celebrity who is known to suffer from Lyme disease. This time the model Bella Hadid revealed through an account Snapchat, middle of undergoing treatment to address Lyme disease he suffered long ago.

Bella showing off to the middle of her Snapchat do intravenous therapy. Administering medication through a vein (intravenous) this is because Lyme disease on sister Gigi Hadid included settled.

In a wawacara with ICE magazine, in 2015, Bella never reveal how influence the disease against her life. "The disease affects memoriku. I could suddenly can't remember the path of the Santa Monica toward Malibu, tinggalku place, "he said.

Bella was apparently not the only one suffering from Lyme in his family. His mother, Yolanda Foster, his younger brother, Anwar Hadid also suffered similar ailments. Yolanda never tell in writing on her blog how the disease impacts against her daughter's future.

"Bella has to bury his dream to become a professional equestrian athletes and a chance to perform in the Olympics. It became a profound sadness for her and became the subject of the talk are also sensitive, "wrote Yolanda.

Bella also never told me because of his illness that he could not ride a horse. "I'm too sick. I have to sell the horse to mine because I can't afford to take care of him, "said model 19 that year.

Lyme disease is an inflammatory disease marked by acute skin changes, joint inflammation and symptoms that resemble the flu. This disease is caused by a bacterial infection spread by ticks, Borrelia Burgdorferi bacteria carriers.

Early symptoms of Lyme disease characterized by a reddish rash-rash-circular on areas exposed to the bites of fleas. The rash usually appear about three to 30 days after being bitten. This rash forms such as the circle motif of the target on the dartboard.

Unfortunately, not every person who is a carrier of Lyme disease ticks be bitten is experiencing a rash of making it difficult detected. About one in three people affected by Lyme symptoms not experienced rashes on her skin.

Besides the rash, early symptoms of contracting Lyme can vary. Some people will experience symptoms similar to the flu, fatigue, muscle pain, pain in joints, headache, high fever, hot and cold and stiff in the neck.

Previously other than Bella, other celebrities have also been suffering from this disease is singer Avril Lavigne sexy models at once and the third wife of Hugh Hefner, Crystal Hefner.

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